Reinventing Cheesecake


Imagine if you knew that every time you made a cheesecake it would turn out perfectly, show-stoppingly beautiful, and completely unique! You could create mind-blowing flavors with such ease, you’d never need to look at a recipe book again.

You can make any combination of flavors, create beautiful patterns, and astound people by having cookies peering out of the side of your incredible cheesecakes. No one will know how you’re able to create such amazing creations.



Baking a cheesecake can be a daunting adventure. Every cheesecake seems to have a completely different recipe, and idea about what’s the best temperature for the oven? Do you use a water bath or not? How do you know when it’s perfectly cooked? How do you stop it sticking to the sides of the tin and ruining your beautiful cake? What about it burning around the edges? And what about it drying out? And then there’s the torturous wait to see if a giant crack will appear again! Or if a water leak has destroyed your delicious crispy crumb base!

The simple but revolutionary baking method, I’m going to teach you, will mean your cheesecakes can never crack, they’ll never burn, you don’t need a water bath, they won’t stick to the sides of the tin, they will never dry out, you will know exactly when they are cooked to perfection. Best of all, you can add any other ingredients to flavor it and know, your cheesecakes will always have a perfect consistency.