Cockapoo hilariously shows what it’s like having a puppy and it isn’t always easy

Making the decision to get a puppy can be one of the biggest and most exciting steps to take in life, but it isn’t without considerations to be made.

Raising a dog is tough work and certainly isn’t all plain sailing especially in their infancy, as shown by this cautionary video.

The amusing clip, which was uploaded by TikTok user @millsmillington, was a huge hit on the video sharing platform, with over 850,000 views and almost 55,000 likes.

The video begins by showing viewers some cute clips of Millie the cockapoo as an adorable and placid puppy, with the caption explaining that this is how people think having a puppy will be.

These shots include Millie patiently sitting and watching TV with her owners as well as sitting in the garden and even between her owner’s feet with her face resting on their trainers.

But the video quickly switches, with the caption changing to state that the following sequences are what it is really like to own a pup.

Millie quickly switches into mischief mode, with outright chaos ensuing for the rest of the video as she runs riot around the house.

The clips show her chewing on everything in sight including her owner’s clothing, as well as splashing water all over the floor when trying to drink.

The cockapoo can also be seen sliding around on a place mat and drinking from her owner’s glass of juice, and finally stretching out for a rest on the coffee table after a long day of causing carnage.

Viewers fell in love with the adorable pup, with one user commenting: “But but… so cute even when chewing the phone cord.”

Another commenter wrote: “I am in love with this puppy!!!”

A third added: “Haha they are soo crazy, we are just getting over this stage lol.”

Breeders online describe cockapoos as a breed as loyal, energetic, trainable and intelligent, meaning there should still be hope for Millie yet.