Unimpressed Samoyed struggles to hide just how much he hates bath time

Bath time is a stressful experience for both dogs and owners at the best of times – as seen in this hilarious Samoyed’s reaction.

The funny clip of Boomer shows just how much he hates baths – and he’s not afraid to make his feelings abundantly clear.

The amusing video, which was uploaded by TikTok user @boomer_the_landcloud, was a massive hit on the app, with more than two million likes and almost nine million views.

Boomer started off relatively dry, with just his paws submerged in the murky bath water as he braces for what’s to come.

The Samoyed appeared somewhat content, or at the very least unbothered by the shallow water.

However, as the clip progresses, Boomer’s mood quickly deteriorates, something he isn’t afraid to make abundantly clear to his owner.

The clip moves on to show the fluffy white dog being hosed down, looking slightly less satisfied than before but still willingly participating.

One of the final shots of the video is by far the highlight, showing the Samoyed absolutely drenched, and looking incredibly cross about it.

By the end of the video though the dog’s mood appears to have improved once again, as his owner gently caresses his adorable face.

Viewers were amused by the cute clip, with one user commenting: “I’m showing this to my dog so she’ll stop trying to murder me every bath time.”

Another commenter wrote: “This made me cry tears of joy super cute the serotonin.”

A third added: “He’s so calm but so full of rage.”

According to The Kennel Club, Samoyeds as a breed are intelligent, alert and full of action, as well as having a smiling expression, one which didn’t quite shine through in this clip of Boomer.